AluSafety | Aluminium Crinoline Ladders A-Ladder

We purchase approximately 1500 tons of aluminum each year, allowing us to produce hundreds of kilometers of technical ladders and guardrails.

Logistics and production are at the core of our business, specializing in distributing premium supplies to distributors worldwide.

We invite you to explore our website to understand why we are the industry's leading safety equipment supplier and why we have been a dominant force in Europe since our inception.

Aluminum ladders


It is a noble, lightweight, strong, and 100% recyclable material.

Over time, it has become the second most consumed metal after iron, with very competitive prices and easy manufacturing.

It is corrosion-resistant and highly adaptable.

We work with two alloys manufactured according to European regulations EN-ISO 6362, IN-12020, and IN-755.

Alloy 6063 with T5 and T6 hardness treatment :

It is the most consumed and has good mechanical properties.

Alloy 6005 with T5 and T6 hardness treatment :

It is applied to designs that require higher mechanical strength.

Wooden ladders


Manufactured entirely from imported wood.

Assembly system between rungs using nails and glued with B2 type adhesives.

Protected with two layers of special varnish for outdoor use.

Equipped with fixed nails on their bases.

Each unit includes usage guidelines and safety markings in compliance with EN 131 standards.

Ladders for wind turbines


Design, development, and manufacturing of aluminum components and structures for the wind energy sector.