AluSafety | Testing and Trials Products

To ensure that our products comply with national and international safety regulatory requirements, as well as the final needs of customers and distributors, we have conducted numerous tests with independent laboratories.


These tests include usage guidelines and safety markings in accordance with EN 131 standards, and our products have successfully undergone the following tests :

• Resistance Test

• Bending Test

• Lateral Bending Test

• Lower Ends of Uprights Test

• Bending Test of Rungs/Steps and Widths/Platforms

• Twisting Test of Rungs or Wide Rungs

• Safety Devices Tests (belts, chains, etc.) and Double Ladder Joints

• Hooking Devices Test for Extendable and Convertible Ladders

All these tests accept the following tolerances :

+/- 1 mm for longitudinal measurements

+/- 5 mm for the measurement of the distance between supports

+/- 1° for angle measurements


Committed to quality and safety, at AluSafety, we comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

Additionally, we adhere to specific European and international recommendations, as well as internal measures that enable us to improve the quality of our products and services, customer satisfaction, and safety in our working environment.